How to Edit Menu v1.00 By Chip Modbo 5.0


Attendance Modchip Modbo 5.0 version brings significant changes to the user PS2 especially using external hard drive.

If the previous versions (version 4 down) his ability can only run the bootloader files that are stored on a hard drive connected via IDE port using a PS2 Network Adapter (NA), but in version 5.0 is its ability to grow again for the PS2 can run the boot files are stored in HDexternal / FD is connected via a USB port PS2.
To run an application on an external hard drive, flash and the like, this 5 modbo modchip using the inherent features of the chip itself named boot_menu v1.00. Through the boot menu, we need to make MCBOOT not to boot loader program us.
What we must do is to prepare a program loader such games as we want: OPL, USBADVN, SMS, ULAUNCH, etc., these programs simply we keep in HDEX / FD us in a folder named system.
In modchip Modbo 5.0 has an additional feature on the boot sytem, as well as support on dev1, dev2 like chip2 earlier, the modbo 5.0 has been added mass (masstorage), then he can just boot the contents of HD / FD which is connected via a USB port if its boot settings we set it to mass.


The default view of the menu v1.00 before we change as above ^ _ ^.


In the picture above is the view menu v1.00 which has been filled with native file system modbo5.0 website, if you want to download click the link below: (password:dyenps) The contents: USBADVN-SMS-ULAUNCH-OSDSYS

With configurasi:
APP1_DESC=  USBAdvance

APP2_DESC=  SimpleMediaSystem

APP3_DESC=  uLaunchELF

APP4_DESC=  System Browser

If you want that has been modified zoom with image background hot ..! download wrote on the link below: (password:dyenps) The contents: OPL-USBADVN-SMS-ULAUNCH

APP1_DESC=  Open PS2 Loader

APP2_DESC=  USBAdvance

APP3_DESC=  SimpleMediaSystem

APP4_DESC=  uLaunchELF


Menu v1.00 has 4 pieces that we can change menus change according to our wishes and his icon picture we can change according to our will is important names and size must be the same as the original, namely to its icon image 96x96 pixels approximately 70.0 kb with exstensi files. bmp, and for background 512x384 pixel also with exstensi file. bmp.Dan do not forget to change the configuration if my friend change the contents of system folders according to what I saw changed config.txt file
Boot 5.0 modbo modchip menu is in the process require system files settings menu it can only function properly. And file system boot menu settings are stored in the chip we use media (hard disk, flash and the like) or that we connect on his PS2 USB port.

Maybe it's a lot of friends who already know and understand at system boot files modbo 5.0 modchip menu, but not hurt my post back in case there are friends who still need this information later.

END ....!!

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Written by: Mulyadin Dyen - 2/11/2013

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  1. Anonymous1/4/14 09:05

    Hi & thankz ... so ... can you upload the frist file? because is down :(
    this file : (password:dyenps) The contents: USBADVN-SMS-ULAUNCH-OSDSYS


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